EU and Filipino nurses for UK

EU nurses for UK The Shortages of medical staff in the UK seems huge and some are expected only to grow especially the shortage of nurses.
A national UK report published by the Royal College of Nursing estimates there are nearly 20,000 nursing vacancies and reports of a national vacancy deficit averaging 11%. This is projected to reach 40,000 vacancies inside the next 5 years.

With the recent language competence test imposed by the NMC as of January 2016 nurse shortages are only to be exacerbated.

Harmony Works Recruitment and our nurses in UK

We know from experience that most foreign nurses need much more communication before starting a job in the UK or changing their job in the UK. To alleviate their anxieties we communicate with some of these nurses almost on a daily basis – phone, Skype, Facebook, meetings.

Nurses need reassurance that job is real without hidden extras, accommodation is provided (if they need to rent from abroad without viewings this will put a lot of them off). Local presence and experience, face to face meetings and managing cultural differences are our main advantages that set us apart from other UK recruiters.

70 % of nurses would start registration only through carers to nurse route for 2 main reasons. First they would prefer a smoother transition and language experience before they start working as nurses, second they would pay all the documentation related cost toward NMC registration after being reassured the job is real.

European law and NMC registration of EU nurses in UK

Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 September 2005 on the recognition of professional qualifications makes all nurses’ qualifications recognized throughout the UK either with automatic recognition or on the Acquired Rights route. However, there are significant differences from case to case depending on nurses qualification and College/University curriculum they followed.

Unlike doctors their University/College education has gone through significant changes in some of the EU countries we recruit from. From only 2 years (like enrolled nurses in the UK in the past) at a Medical College around 20 years ago, through 3 years at a Medical College later, to the present 4 years bachelor degree at a Medical University with excess of 5000 hours curriculum well above the minimum set out in the above EU directive. Therefore, their NMC registration depends on which article of directive applicable – art 31 for automatic recognition, art 23 for the Acquired rights and art 10 – 12 for those who studied only for 2 years.


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